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Kansas Pet Professionals

Code of Ethics

The Kansas Pet Professionals are dedicated to ensuring the health of Kansas pets and the humane care of all animals. The Kansas Pet Professional members shall follow the following code of ethics.

  • Provide food, water, and care necessary to protect the health and welfare of the animals in your care
  • Provide proper veterinary care of all animals per attending veterinarian recommendations and follow the rules and regulations as set forth by the Kansas Department of Agriculture
  • Provide clean, well-kept facilities to allow safe, humane, and efficient animal management and disease control
  • Utilize proper rehoming practices for your animals to ensure a happy and safe home
  • When needed, members should practice only approved AVMA euthanasia methods
  • Provide personnel with the proper training and education for handling your animals to ensure compliance with state and federal laws
  • Provide and arrange transportation for pets that avoid undue stress during transit as well as loading and unloading
  • Any member who is found mistreating animals will NOT be tolerated within the Kansas Pet Professional Organization
  • Conduct all business in an ethical manner
  • All members agree to follow the stated code of ethics Attend meetings and conferences to further education and be an active member
  • All members agree to follow federal and state animal health laws
  • All members must obtain all required licensing to operate your business

Should a member not follow the code of ethics, member termination may be considered by the KPP board.